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There are total 18947 Govt jobs opening for Teachers and 1418 for Professors on 28th March, 2017.

List of Govt Jobs for Teachers

Jobs DetailsLast Date
Teachers, 550 Jobs,
Qualification: Master Degree,
State: Jammu & Kashmir,
Buddhist International School
Head Master/Madhyamik/ HS Teachers/Clerk, 825 Jobs,
Qualification: 12th/Graduation/Master Degree,
State: Maharashtra,
Jharkhand SSC
Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT), 17572 Jobs,
Qualification: Graduation with B.Ed,
State: Jharkhand,

List of Govt. Jobs for Professors

Jobs DetailsLast Date
Professor/Assistant Professor/Nursing & Various, 279 Jobs,
Qualification: Graduation/Master Degree/MBBS,
State: Bihar,
Professor/Nursing/Junior Resident/Jr. Law Executive/Chief Engineer/Head Clerk & Various, 529 Jobs,
Qualification: 10th/12th/Graduation/Master Degree/Diploma/,
State: Delhi,
Delhi University
Professor, 153 Jobs,
Qualification: Master Degree,
State: Delhi,
Delhi University
Associate Professor, 399 Jobs,
Qualification: Master Degree,
State: Delhi,
Assistant Professor (Specialty), 58 Jobs,
Qualification: MBBS,
State: Odisha,

The rush for government job is increasing day by day. The youth is searching for a secured job for their secured future and the search ends when they get an opportunity to serve nation under government guidance. Teaching is believed to be amongst the noblest professions. School teachers impact the lives of children in big ways. With parents as partners, teachers can help children become productive adult. We will try to list here all the open vacancies of teachers in various Government sectors.

Government Sectors/Government Departments

Government sectors is getting importance day by day with time, past trends shows an rapid improvement in recent years in government sector. The terms of government sector is getting changed in this dynamic environment. The government wants each child to get at least an opportunity to have basic education, so government is getting into force to appoint good teachers at the government school. The educated mass of the nation gets here opportunity to serve the nation which results in fulfilling their requirement of secured future. Teaching is believed to be amongst the noblest professions. School teachers impact the lives of children in big ways. With parents as partners, teachers can help children become productive adult.

Qualification required to apply for teacher jobs

The qualification of teachers varies with the level of education. The teachers for providing primary education need to have at least passed 12th boards, for teaching at secondary level at least graduation from university is required, and for teaching higher secondary students at least post graduation is required from respective university.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of government teachers varies with state, town; city etc.The minimum pay for a government teacher is Rs 5000 with the addition of other benefits. The government teachers who have joined school gets salary of Rs 10000 in Tamil Nadu where as in the Bihar the same teacher might get Rs 8000. But if the teacher is highly qualified she / he may earn Rs 25000- 50000.

How to apply for jobs of teachers in any Government sector?

Today in the dynamic world with the emerge of innovative technology an individual gets an opportunity to know about the vacancy of government job as teachers through different sources like television, news paper, internet, etc. with the help of these sources an individual interested in it can apply for the job as per the requirement of qualification, and can proceed ahead step by step. Usually the application forms are distributed in banks for a limited period and then submitted in the same bank.

Future in teacher jobs like improvement, increment etc.

Government job in today’s time is like getting a golden opportunity, and if it is as a teacher then it’s an additional benefit. With a good pay scale with other benefits a teacher gets high respect in the society at large. The pay scale of the government teachers keep on increasing with the time and addition to it the government teacher gets secured their future after retirement by getting pension. The government teacher’s job is highly secured with the opportunity of increment. There is a scope of promotion in this field, an individual can achieve his / her target with his/ her qualifications and ability. There is full scope of bright future in government job of teachers.

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