20In previous article, we have discussed about 5 most common asked question in IBPS Clerk interview with perfect answers. Every candidates who are going to IBPS interview should prepare himself to get success in interview. Now in IBPS PO interview, the candidate might face questions from various fields. The questions can be segregated into 5 major categories, mainly questions of personal nature, on qualifications of the candidate, on past experiences, questions on banking awareness and miscellaneous. Let us now have a detail view on all of them.

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Tell me something about yourself?

The most common question in every interview. But we are going to answer it as if we are very much interested to do job in banking sector. So this is the most common interview question for IBPS PO interview. So let us begin with the questions on personal nature, the interviewer might start with by asking you to introduce yourself, followed by asking your likes and dislikes, your home town, your family, earning members of the family, hobbies, and extracurricular activities and most importantly why do you want to join a banking sector. The answers have to be straight forward without beating around the bush. If you are talking about yourself then don’t take it as the interviews are cleaver enough to understand all these stuffs.

How do you associate your current qualification with the job?

Next is the question  for IBPS PO Interview on qualifications that you held. Here you are mainly asked questions related to your background that is either on engineering, commerce graduation, Phd, Mca etc. questions comes mainly based on your specialization. They might ask you as how do you relate your academic background with a job in the banking sector or how your qualifications will be a help for the job. In this category you have to keep a clear knowledge of what you have read in the past throughout your life. Failing to answer any one or two is considered to be fine but not more than that adds negative points against you.

What is your previous work experience?

Third category comes on your job experience, whether you have the same or not. If no, then they will shift but if yes then questions on your previous details might come. You may have to reply as why you left your previous job. While answering this, make sure that you don’t highlight your weak points. Make such comments so that weakness gets transformed into strength.

What do you know about the banking sector?

This is common questions for IBPS PO interview as we are going to do job in banking sector. Banking related questions usually is data based as the past or current growth rate of banking sector, prevailing repo, reverse repo rates, CRR, SLR, etc. so keep the details on your fingertips. Last but not the least is the miscellaneous part, which is the unpredictable question which comes from the mind of the panel or any particular interviewer. However, this forms a minor part of the interview, so prepare well and give your best.

What is your strength and weakness?

The answer to this question lies with you itself but only on careful observation one will be able to find out the strength and weaknesses within yourself and how your expecting the benefit the bank with your strength and cope up with your weakness.

So, hope you understand what we have tried to do say here for IBPS PO interview questions. Please share your questions if you have any experience and want to share with us.

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