7 Jan 2017 – Daily Current Affairs


Finland introduced BIS (Basic Income Scheme) for unemployed

  • Finland introduced BIS (Basic Income Scheme) for unemployed
  • It became the first nation across the glove to initiate this scheme.
  • Finland will pay basic monthly payment for its unemployment.
  • Aim is to reduce poverty & boost employment.
  • The trial of scheme started from 1st January 2017.
  • The basic (monthly) income will be about 560 Euros.
  • This initiative will be open for a 2-year trial.
  • It will benefit 2000 randomly chosen citizens.
  • Chosen citizens will be receiving monthly income of 650 euros.
  • Citizens will not be answerable for their spending.
  • The citizens will receive this income effect after they get a job.
  • Aim is to remove people’s fear of losing out due to low-salary job.
  • Around 8.1 percent of Finland is unemployed as of 2016.


India won the 2016 SAFF Women Championship

  • India wins the 2016 SAFF Women Championship.
  • Indian team defeated Bangladesh to win this championship.
  • Bangladesh lost by 3-1 during the finals played in Siliguri.
  • The final match was played on 4th January 2016.
  • India has now fetched its 4th consecutive SAFF Women Championship.
  • Dangmei, Sasmita & Indumathi from India made the three goals.
  • The SAFF is also known as ‘South Asia Football Federation Cup’.
  • It is Women national football’s main competition association.
  • Members are Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh & India.
  • The championship title takes place once every 2 years.
  • India has won all championship titles till date.


New Organ discovered inside digestive system of human

  • Scientists discovered new organ inside digestive system of human.
  • It was concealed in the plain sight under digestive system.
  • This organ is considered as 79th organ of human body.
  • The organ has been termed as ‘Mesentery’.
  • Until now, it was perceived as fragmented structure with separate parts.
  • JC Coffey from Ireland discovered it as a continuous organ.
  • Functions of this organ are currently not well understood.
  • Study of this organ might help in better treatment of digestive ailments.
  • It has been published in LGH (Lancel Gastroenterology & Hepatology) journal.
  • Organ’s anatomical description across research books has been incorrect.
  • The organ keeps the whole system locked in one place.
  • Coffey & team first proved the theory in 2012.
  • Grey’s Anatomy medical books are now updated with this discovery.


WBD (World Braille Day) observed around the globe

  • WBD (World Braille Day) observed around the globe.
  • It is observed to celebrate Louise Braille’s birth anniversary.
  • NGOs, policy makers & health institutions come together on this day.
  • Aim is raising awareness regarding issues of the visually impaired.
  • India distributed 40 daisy-players & 270 smart phones on this occasion.
  • Scholarship of INR 5 lacs each were also distributed to 66 students.
  • These were students with VIP (Visual Impairment problems).
  • Louis is credited for inventing Braille script.
  • It helps visually impaired to write & read.

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