6 Feb 2017 – Daily Current Affairs

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World Bank and India signed agreement

  • World Bank & India recently signed financing agreement.
  • The agreement was worth 201.50 million US Dollars.
  • It was signed on 1st February for TEQIO-II.
  • TEQIC is Technical Education (QIP (Quality Improvement Programs).
  • Junaid K Ahmad & Raj Kumar signed the agreement.
  • Kumar is Joint Secretary in Union Finance Ministry.
  • Junaid Ahmad is WB India- Country Director.
  • Aim is enhancing equity & quality in engineering institutes.
  • It targets education system across participating states.
  • Some are Bihar, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh etc.
  • It also includes north-eastern states & Andaman Islands.
  • The program works on two major components.
  • First is improving quality of engineering institutes.
  • Second is leading system-level initiatives.
  • It will strengthen performance & governance.


WWD (World Wetlands Day) 2017 observed

  • WWD (World Wetlands Day) 2017 was observed.
  • It was celebrated on 2nd February 2017.
  • Theme was ‘Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction’.
  • Objective is raising awareness of the healthy wetlands.
  • They reduce impact of events like droughts, floods etc.
  • Report was prepared by UNESCO & Ramsar Convention.
  • Aim was supporting integrated wetlands management.
  • The day marks adoption of Ramsar Convention.
  • Convention was adopted on wetlands in 1971.
  • RC is an inter-governmental treaty.
  • It provides framework for international & national action.
  • The convention celebrates the day each year from 1997.
  • It raises public awareness regarding value of the wetlands.
  • At presented, 2260 wetlands are globally important.
  • They cover area of around 2.15 million Sq. kms. 


WCD (World Cancer Day) observed globally

  • WCD (World Cancer Day) was observed globally.
  • It was observed on 4th February 2017.
  • Theme of the day was ‘We can. I can.’
  • It highlights collective effort of eradicating cancer.
  • It also aims to save preventable deaths every year.
  • 2 million Individuals die every year globally from cancer.
  • Over 4 million die premature death each year.
  • UICC (United for International Control) founded the day.
  • It supports goals of WCD (World Cancer Declaration) in 2008.
  • Main goal is reducing cancer related illness & death by 2020.
  • Another aim is raising awareness about cancer prevention.
  • Multiple initiatives are undertaken on this day.


Volcanic activity discovered on Mars

  • Volcanic activity was recently discovered on Mars.
  • Volcanic activity of two-billion years discovered.
  • It was discovered after a meteorite analysis from Mars.
  • It was discovered in Africa continent in 2012.
  • Meteorite was named Northwest Africa-7635
  • Finding confirms evidence of oldest volcanoes in Mars.
  • It is provides new evidence of planet’s evolution.
  • It also gives insight on volcanic activity & its history.
  • This study was published in journal ‘Science Advances’.
  • Largest Volcano in Mars is Olympus Mons.
  • Its height is almost 27.3 kms, thrice the tallest on Earth.
  • Mauna Kea is highest volcano on Earth with height 10 kms.
  • Major information is on rocks composition from volcanoes.
  • Different substances were found on meteorite.
  • They revealed its source of magma, age, space time etc.
  • Scientists also determined its time on the surface of Earth.
  • Volcanic rock found on meteorite was called shergottite.
  • Similar rocks have been found on Earth in different areas.
  • These help in tracing the origin of rocks and time.

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