5 Jan 2017 – Daily Current Affairs


NASA captured ISS image crossing sun

  • NASA recently captured ISS’s image crossing sun
  • ISS (International Space Station) was crossing front of sun.
  • Speed of the ISS was around 289698 kms per hour.
  • Astronauts from Russia, Europe & NASA were onboard.
  • The images were captured during December 2016.
  • Noel Kowsky captured these images.
  • Noel is NASA’s lens man & captures many images.
  • He took the images on 17th December 2016.
  • Pictures were taken just when ISS was transiting from the Sun.
  • 10 images of the total were combined for making single view of ISS.
  • ISS is the biggest man-made structure which is space-built.
  • It revolves the earth fifteen times daily.
  • Average speed of ISS is 8 kms per second.
  • ISS acts as space research laboratory for its crew members.


Arthur Morris’s name inducted into the ICC HoF

  • Arthur Morris’s name has been inducted into the ICC HoF.
  • The announcement came on 3rd January 2017.
  • He is a former Australian opening batsman.
  • Morris became 82nd ICC (International Cricket Council’s) inductee.
  • The honour was given posthumously.
  • It was given during 1st day of 3rd test between Australia & Pakistan.
  • Morris has played forty-six test matches in his career.
  • He is considered among greatest left-handed batsman from Australia.
  • Morris was inducted in the ACHF (Australian Cricket Hall of Fame) in 2001.
  • World War II interrupted his career, wherein he worked in Australian Army.
  • He resumed his cricket career in 1946.
  • Morris passed away in 2015 at 93.
  • ICC was established in 2009 in alliance with FICA.


Mobile App launched for the Haj Pilgrimage

  • A mobile app has been launched for the Haj Pilgrimage.
  • It was launched on 2nd January 2017 by MA Naqvi.
  • Naqvi is state union minister- Minority Affairs.
  • It was initiated under the DIP (Digital India Program).
  • Objective is digitalization of the application process for Haj.
  • It was provide information & e-payment facilities for pilgrimage.
  • Main features are Haj application, enquiry & information.
  • Other features include updates & news and e-payment.
  • Group application is available for 5 adults & 2 infants on this app.
  • App also takes registration fees for the application process.
  • Union Government had earlier launched a Haj website in 2016.


MBP (Maternity Benefit Program) expanded pan-India

  • MBP (Maternity Benefit Program) has been expanded pan-India.
  • Announcement was made by Narendra Modi.
  • The program benefits lactating & pregnant mothers across nation.
  • Expanded program will be viable from 1st January 2017.
  • Union Women Ministry formulated the programme.
  • It was formed as per NFS (National Food Security) act’s provisions.
  • 1st two births are eligible for INR 6000 installment-wise cash incentive.
  • The incentive compensates for wage loss of women during pregnancy.

This will help in better nutrition for mothers & growing fetus.