5 Feb 2017 – Daily Current Affairs

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Toxins in the Lychee fruit can kill children

  • Toxins in the Lychee fruit can kill children.
  • Scientists from US & India made the claim.
  • Eating lychee on empty stomach creates low-glucose level.
  • This can result in seizures & coma.
  • These can be especially fatal for small children.
  • It contains toxins MCPG & hypogylycin-A.
  • MCPG (Methylenecyclopropyl-glycin) is also a toxin.
  • The finding was published in ‘Lancet Global Health’ Journal.
  • Lychee is primarily a fruit-tree native from China.
  • It is now produced by many nations across the globe.
  • India is the second largest producer of Lychee.
  • In India, Bihar produces 71% of total lychee in India.
  • Since 1990s, many incidents of lychee consumption occurred.
  • These affected children across Northern Vietnam & India.
  • The occurrences were especially during the harvest season.
  • US CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) investigated in India.
  • Investigation linked the symptoms with lychee consumption.


Three day Visakha Utsav inaugurated

  • Three day Visakha Utsav inaugurated
  • It was inaugurated on 3rd February 2017.
  • It was launched in Visakhapatnam
  • Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated this Utsav.
  • This state festival comprises of many cultural events.
  • It is held at RK (Rama Krishna Beach) at Port city.
  • Many state ministers were present during inauguration.
  • The festival is celebrated annually.
  • It brings out rich tradition & culture of AP.
  • Main aim is promoting ‘Visakhapatnam’ brand image.
  • Festival celebrated a special cultural event named ‘Utsav Vedika’.
  • This event is aimed at reviving art forms of the state.
  • Performances like folk dance, dance ballet etc were seen


Sri Lanka and India signed MoU

  • Sri Lanka & India signed MoU on 2nd January 2017.
  • It was for constructing multi-ethnic tri-lingual school.
  • This secondary school will be made in Sri Lanka.
  • Indian government will grant INR 30 crore grant.
  • Aim is creating fully-equipped school having all amenities.
  • These include furnished classrooms, library & laboratories.
  • It will also promote & strengthen unity & reconciliation.
  • All Tamil, Muslim & Sinhala students will be treated equally.
  • It will be built in district Polonnaruwa.
  • It is the home district of Lankan President Sirisena.
  • Sri Lanka & India are separated by Palk Straight.
  • Both nations share friendly relations with many MoUs.


CIO (Centre of Integrative Oncology) to be launched

  • CIO (Centre of Integrative Oncology) to be inaugurated.
  • It will be launched on 3rd February 2017, Noida.
  • The centre will be at NICPR.
  • It will work in areas like cancer research, care & prevention.
  • Saumya Swaminathan will carry out the inauguration.
  • MoU was signed for centre’s construction on 19th October 2016.
  • It will continue bilateral dialogues with stakeholders like US.
  • It will also facilitate in collaborating with foreign organizations.
  • The centre will also provide research fellowships every year.
  • Centre’s creation was decided during Indo-US Workshop.
  • This workshop was organized by AYUSH Ministry in March 2016.

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