13 Feb 2017 – Daily Current Affairs


MoU between Senegal & India approved

  • MoU between Senegal & India recently approved.
  • It was approved by Union Cabinet.
  • MoU is in health & medicine field.
  • PM Modi approved this MoU on 8th February 2017.
  • Cabinet also approved setting of working group.
  • This group will elaborate & oversee implementation.
  • The cooperation will facilitate many areas.
  • Some are medical research & emergency relief.
  • Others are hospital management & AIDS control.
  • It also includes traditional medicine & related areas.
  • Surveillance of integrated disease is also covered.
  • It also includes drugs, pharma & hospital equipments.
  • Similar fields of interest will also be covered.
  • Senegal is West African nation.
  • Diplomatic relations with Senegal started in 1962.
  • Both are NAM & G-15 member nations.
  • Both nations have partnerships in various fields.
  • Some are agriculture, HRM, urban transport etc.


NDD (National Deworming Day) observed

  • NDD (National Deworming Day) celebrated in India.
  • Objective is tacking worm infections in children.
  • This year’s aim is reaching 34 crore plus children.
  • Target age group is between one & nineteen years.
  • It will reach 34 states across the nation.
  • Day is marked by awareness campaigns & events.
  • of Literacy & School Education conducts the events.
  • Coordinated efforts are also rolled-out across the nation.
  • These are with tablets & communication material.
  • Schools receive reporting forms for deworming program.
  • India has highest worm diseases across the globe.
  • More than 22 crore children in India are at risk.
  • WHO estimated this number in 2014.
  • Intestinal worms infect growth & development.
  • They can negatively impact livelihood potential.
  • Deworming is a safe method of protecting children.


NWP (National Women’s Parliament) started in AP

  • NWP (National Women’s Parliament) started in AP
  • It was India’s 1st ever Women’s parliament.
  • It started in Amravati on 10th February 2017.
  • AP Legislative Assembly has organized this event.
  • The conference will be held for three days.
  • Theme is ‘Empowering Women- Strengthening Democracy’.
  • Imminent leaders & personalities attended this session.
  • It also included Dalai Lama, Buddhist spiritual leader.
  • Assembly speaker was Kodela S Rao.
  • The session attendance is expected to be above 800.
  • 91 women parliamentarians also attended.
  • Other includes from various fields
  • Some notable leaders were Ela Bhatt & Manisha Koirala.
  • Various awards will be given to women achievers.
  • These will be achievers from various fields.
  • Important issue on women’s future will be discussed.
  • Women will share experience & connect with young girls.
  • Main aim is providing politically neutral platform.
  • This is for sharing research & knowledge across various fields.
  • These include women’s social & economic empowerment.


Welspun India & CEA (Cotton Egypt Association) tie up

  • Welspun India & CEA (Cotton Egypt Association) tie up
  • Both signed a co-operation agreement.
  • It was signed on 9th February 2017.
  • It was for promoting & market Egyptian cotton.
  • Welspun will create marketing programs for CEA.
  • It will also execute them via its global network.
  • Aim is boosting Welspun’s Egypt operations.
  • It will set a manufacturing plant for CEA.
  • Welspun will be investing USD three million in stages.
  • Welspun was also given right to CEA logo.
  • Egyptian farmers & industry will be benefitted.
  • Welspun is a creative firm from India.
  • It is globally renowned for its patents.
  • Welspun India has 9 global patents at present.

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