11 Feb 2017 – Daily Current Affairs

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1st phase of SRP (Station Redevelopment Program) launched

  • 1st phase of SRP (Station Redevelopment Program) launched.
  • It was launched on 8th February 2017.
  • Railway Minister SP Prabhu launched the program.
  • First phase comprises 23 major stations.
  • Some are Ranchi, Udaipur, Indore, Howrah, Bhopal etc.
  • Union & Railway Ministry will work for developing smart stations.
  • It is non-fare revenue generation program.
  • It will be conducted via PPP (Public-Private Partnership).
  • Private partners will be chosen via fair bidding process.
  • Stations to be redeveloped will be AI &A category.
  • Aim is allowing usage of all facilities at a single platform.
  • Station selected will be after thorough feasibility study.
  • It will be done by BCG (Boston Consultancy Group).
  • Each zone will have nodal officers for ensuring progress.
  • It will benefit almost 100 cities & 16 million passengers.
  • Overall investment for this program is INR One Lakh Crore.


Distinctive X-ray single detected

  • Distinctive X-ray signal was recently detected.
  • Chandra Satellite of NASA detected this signal.
  • It was coming from galaxy Milky Way.
  • This study can help in proving dark matter existence.
  • It was detected by scientists from MIT & Yale.
  • Extra photons were observed with 3500 electron-volts energy.
  • Researchers then probed this spectrum & concluded.
  • X-ray photons might have resulted from dark matter decay.
  • Around 80 per cent of Universe mass comprises of the dark matter.
  • It is a matter which is not visible by any source.
  • However, its presence can be felt via gravitational tug.
  • It was first detected by Esra Bulbul from MIT in 2014.
  • Chandra Observatory is for detecting X-ray emissions.
  • It is positioned at 139000 km altitude in space.


Arunachal Pradesh implements e-Cabinet solution

  • Arunachal Pradesh implements e-Cabinet solution.
  • It became 1st northeastern state to implement e-Cabinet.
  • It was implemented on 7th February 2017.
  • The solution is for the members of state cabinet.
  • Aim is streamlining the decision making process.
  • E-Cabinet will allow access to notes before cabinet meeting.
  • This will help in advanced analysis & feedback.
  • It will also provide clear overview regarding every meeting agenda.
  • Entire cabinet business will be done via this system.
  • It will reduce cabinet meetings from 5 hours to 30-90 minutes.
  • Printing & paper waste will be eliminated entirely.
  • It will be a multi-user & secure solution for the cabinet.
  • It will keep relevant info organized & updated in real-time.
  • Department of Tech. & Comm. implemented this scheme.


UK HoC (House of Commons) passed Brexit Bill

  • UK HoC (House of Commons) passed Brexit Bill.
  • It was passed on 8th February 2017.
  • HoC is British Parliament’s Lower House.
  • UK government is now authorized to start Brexit talks.
  • The talks will be with European Union.
  • 494 Parliament members voted in Brexit’s favour.
  • Only 122 members voted against the Brexit bill.
  • Brexit was passed without any changes.
  • It was passed after a sever house debate in lower house.
  • It will not go to ‘House of Lords’ or UK Upper House.
  • Upper House cannot prevent the bill from being passed.
  • The bill will likely become low in coming weeks.

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