10 Feb 2017 – Daily Current Affairs

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Nuclear Terrorism Conference started in New Delhi

  • Nuclear Terrorism Conference started in New Delhi
  • It is a global conference to be held for 3 days.
  • The conference schedule is from 8-10 Feb 2017.
  • MEA & DAE hosted & coordinated the event.
  • MEA is External Affairs Ministry of India.
  • DAE is Atomic Energy Department of India.
  • 150 plus delegates are expected to attend the event.
  • The event is part of GINCT.
  • GINCT is global partnership of eighty six nations.
  • It also includes 5 international organizations.
  • Aim is strengthening global capacity to curb terrorism.
  • It includes detecting, preventing & responding nuclear terrorism.
  • The meeting will also be attended by Pakistan high officials.
  • Weapon misuse can result in mass destruction.
  • As per MEA nuclear attack is not hypothetical anymore.
  • Chances are becoming higher & higher with increased terrorism.
  • GINCT is established in year 2006 by US & Russia.
  • It conducts multilateral activities to curb nuclear terrorism.


Andhra Pradesh launched 1st SPS (Smart Police Station)

  • Andhra Pradesh launched 1st SPS (Smart Police Station).
  • It started its function on 6th February 2017 in Guntur.
  • The station was at Nagarampalem.
  • Chief Minister NC Naidu launched the station.
  • It had feel & look of a corporate styled office.
  • It has plush exteriors and interiors.
  • Instead of boundary walls, it has glass facades.
  • The station is fully air conditioned with all requirements.
  • It also has a dormitory, mini-control room & staff room.
  • It is under surveillance by CCTV cameras.
  • This will help monitoring staff behavior & visitor movement.
  • Station staff will sport light-blue shirt & navy-blue trousers.
  • Women constables will wear light-blue sari.
  • Station detainees will be kept inside custody room.
  • Government plans to construct 100 more SPSs across state.


SID (Safer Internet Day) celebrated across the globe

  • SID (Safer Internet Day) celebrated across the globe.
  • Theme was ‘Be the change: United for better internet’
  • Various events took place to mark this occasion.
  • ISPs, Policy makers & Google organized these events.
  • Awards were given to 2nd edition WRI (Web Rangers Initiative).
  • It was launched for promoting digital literacy.
  • The day also spreads awareness regarding internet safety.
  • The day highlights positive technology usage.
  • It explores ways for creating better & safer online network.
  • Young people are called for creating better internet.
  • The day is observed in more than 100 nations across the globe.
  • European Commission & INHOPE network coordinated the day.
  • It was first celebrated in 2011 & theme was ‘Virtual Lives’


Lok Sabha passed PWA (Payment of Wages) Amendment Bill (2017)

  • Lok Sabha passed PWA (Payment of Wages) Amendment Bill.
  • It was passed on 7th February 2017.
  • It seeks to help employers pay wages via cheque or credit.
  • B Dattatreya (Labor Minister) moves the bill in House.
  • It will replace President’s Ordinance on December 2016.
  • It amends the PWA (Payment of Wages Act) of 1936.
  • The 1936 Act states all wage payment in currency notes or coins.
  • Bill eliminated writer authorization requirement.
  • Industrial or specific establishments may be specified.
  • Bill will now go through the Rajya Sabha.

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