The CTET Exam is one of the most awaited exams in India. The exam is not only an opportunity for the people to get a Government Job, but is also a dimension which leads to a career full of dignity and pride. As a matter of fact, one can regard this job as to be a job of building a nation’s future.

One thing that separates the selected candidates from others is the cut off marks. As a candidate, you are required to clear the basis cut off in order to qualify to the next round. In other words, cut off marks is the minimum score which a candidate must score in the CTET Exam to pass on to the next level. The 10th Edition of CTET Exam 2016 will have a cut off which is expected to be closer than the previous year. So, before we actually take a rough estimate of the cut off, let’s take a look at the previous year’s cut off:

Previous Year’s cut-off

Candidate’s Category Cut off Marks
ST 72
SC 72
OBC 78
General 80

Based on the cut off given above, it can be considered that there is a very small difference between the cut off marks of the candidates belonging to different categories. However, it should be looked upon that the lowest cut offs have been reserved for people belonging to SC and ST, whereas OBC reserved the second lowest score. General category candidates are required to maintain a score at 80 or above.

Based on the above results the cut off marks for CTET Exam 2016 would be close to the figures given below:

CTET Exam Cut Off 2016

Candidate’s Category Cut off Marks
ST 80
SC 80
OBC                                            85
General 87

How is the cut-off determined for CTET 2016?

Determination of cut-off marks taking into account numerous factors. Two core aspects of cut off marks are: number of candidates who have appeared for the exam and the level of paper. Both the factors are inversely proportional to the cut off mark. If the number of candidates appearing for the exam is greater, then the cut off will be higher and similarly, if the paper is easy then also the cut off will be higher.

The exact way of determining the cut off is difficult to ascertain as it is fixed by a group of highly qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge in conducting examination. Their process of determining the cut off also takes into account the requirement of candidates, reservations quotas and other ancillary factors.

The CTET Exam 2016 will be hosted twice in 2016. The 9th Edition has already taken place in the month of February 2016 and the 10th Edition is due on 18 September 2016. For the exam hosted in September, the cut off marks will be declared somewhere around October. For more information on CTET Exam or any of its related activities visit:

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